Monday, 10 December 2007

Yellow-legged Gull (Larus michahellis), ad, 30.10.2007, Aarhus East Harbor

This Yellow-legged Gull has fine needle-thin winter streaks in head centered especially around the eyes, heavy bill with strong colours and red gonys spot reaching lower edge of upper mandible, red orbital ring and warm yellowish iris, strong head profile, warm yellow legs, darker upperparts than argentatus in direct comparison, slender and long-winged appearance with elongated body profile. There is a black band crossing p5 seen on location but without documentation and p10 has a small black spot on outer edge where the white mirror normally is isolated from the white apical spot. P10 has also black extending fare down the feather towards the primary coverts on the underwing without the grey tongue on the inner web which suites just michahellis perfect. P9 is the longest primary on the folded wing because p10 is not yet fully grown. The fresh primaries have smaller white apical spots than the average argentatus and the tip of p6 extends further beyond the longest tertials than seen on most argentatus adding to the long-winged appearance of this species.

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