Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kumlien's Gull (Larus [glaucoides] kumlieni), 4cy, 5.2.2012, Hanstholm Harbour

Case: 2012-34
Date: 2012-01-08 -(03-03)
Site: Hanstholm Harbour, Denmark
Observer: *Rune Sø Neergaard m.fl.

It has been identified as a Kumlien's Gull due to the dark outer webs contrasting with the pale inner webs on the outer four primaries in combination with relatively pale and unmarked inner primaries, a 'ghost mirror' on P10 which is bordered by dark subterminal band below, dark subterminal spots on the other outer primaries forming a hook onto the inner webs. So the overall pattern is like a subdued Thayer's Gull of this age which should exclude the brown-winged glaucoides known from West Greenland and Iceland.

It was found and identified by Rune Sø Neergaard almost a month ago on January 8. It was the fifth of eight white-winged gulls I managed to locate in the Hanstholm Harbour area in just one day, with six Kumlien's/Iceland Gull-types and one 2cy and one 3cy Glaucous Gull.

Here seen behind the first of the four 3cy Iceland Gulls.

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