Tuesday 21 February 2012

Kumlien's Gull (Larus [glaucoides] kumlieni), 4cy, 5.2.2012, Hirtshals Harbour

Case: 2012-35
Date: 2012-01-21 -(02-26)
Site: Hirtshals Harbour, Denmark
Observer: Kent Olsen, Rune Sø Neergaard m.fl.

This is obviously a beautiful Kumlien's Gull as the pattern on the outer primaries puts it outside the range for glaucoides.

The age is the only concern as birds in this age can look retarded, making them tricky to age correctly. Even though some advanced 2nd winters could show a bill somewhat similar in colouration and the birds plumage is somewhat retarded for a third winter, the adult-like inner primaries P1-P4 and the adult-like tertial (all bluish-grey, with well defined, broad white tips) together with the vivid bill colour all makes the ageing of the bird a third winter (4cy).

This is the seventh of eight white-winged gulls found in Hirtshals Harbour in just one afternoon, with seven Kumlien's/Iceland Gull-types and one 2cy Glaucous Gull.

It was originally found on January 21. Since then it has been documented with several great photos such as e.g. on these dates: January 21, January 23 and January 29.

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Amar Ayyash said...

Superb images, Kent!