Monday, 2 April 2012

Thayer's Gull in uncropped photos for a better JIZZ

Unfortunately there are no overview photos beside what is apparent in these photos which you have seen before; however, now posted in a completely un-cropped version I hope that you can have some kind of impression by comparing with the jizz on accompanying large gull, i.e. wing span, rump width, head shape, body size etc.

The Glaucous Gull behind the discussed gull was of average size and obvious much larger in overall size; it is not only due to the telephoto lens effect. In comparison with Herring Gulls the discussed gull was judged to be within their smaller size and jizz range, thus being a smaller and slimmer type of Herring Gull. This actually conflicted in my mind as I at that time found it hard to believe that genetic influence from Glaucous Gull would produce a slimmer and smaller than average Herring Gull-sized Viking Gull.

While photographing two Iceland Gulls at close range, the discussed gull suddenly landed between the other gulls. I was stunned by its plumage and general colour and thus shot e series of photos, but it didn’t stay for long before it went to a nearby roof from where it within minutes was scared off again by factory workmen and then couldn’t be relocated.

Based on my narrow search image on Thayer’s Gull, I evaluated the photos on the camera display and concluded that based on the features already mentioned it was a scary hybrid and not the real thing even though several impressions kept roaming. The head profile changed dramatically between when it stood relaxed on the roof with a rather round head and gentle expression and when it feed with its wings continuously raised while balancing on the container edge and in constant combat with the nearby large gulls as in most photos.

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